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Pakistan Venture Capital & Entrepreneur Ecosystem

Many thanks to our contributors who helped so willingly in creating this infographic.

Faizan Laghari — Mini Ventures
Farzal Dojki — NextGenI
Imran Moinuddin — NexDegree
Usama Shahid Khan — Cloud9 Startups
Samir Saleem — Hybrid Signals
Babar Khan — Uty Oye
Shaun Gibson — Techhub Manchester
Monis Rahman —
Muneeb Mayyr —
Imtiaz Noor — Effective Measure
Raza Saeed —
Johannes von Rohr — Alpha Founders

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Pakistan Population Breakup

China — Second largest VC investment in the world[1] with hundreds of statups coming up each year[2]

India — Sequoia Capital and 500 Startups already present, Flipkart and Inmobi with $1 billion valuations, and many rising stars[3]

Thailand — second largest economy in ASEAN attracting foriegn capital especially in the mobile space [4]

Indonesia — is 2nd largest facebook users, and 4th largest twitter users in the world. Many dotcom companies are flocking here and buying startups to speedup their expansion in Indonesia.[5]

“Pakistan has been an eye-opener, I never expected to see such a lively start-up community” — Shaun Gibson, Founder of Techhub Manchester, May 2013[6]