Pakistan’s Internet Industry Outlook (April 2013)

We are publishing our first installment of the current outlook of Pakistan’s internet industry. We aim to make this a regular feature and look forward to your thoughts? Please do comment if you feel we have not covered the major sectors?


To give a broad overview of the current eCommerce market in Pakistan. We hope this (early) analysis will present a clearer picture of the internet industry in Pakistan and inspire entrepreneurs to start their own ventures in the (currently) open market space.

Pakistan Internet


An extensive commentary on Pakistan’s internet industry was published by the author in TechinAsia.

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  • Babar Khan

    1. Dining also has Food Connection.
    2. Bayt has been trying to become the next
    3. copycats are, ApnaDress,, and others.
    4. Deals/Groupon model also has

    Other than these (that I can think of), you’ve covered what is most popular and provides the intended service :)

    • Adam

      Thanks Babar! You are absolutely right, there are tonnes more ventures in the markets that we have not mentioned. We tried to focus on major market segments only, but there are also a LOT more markets than the few we have covered in that slide. Pakistani is ripe for growth in the internet industry right now. Look at how well the Middle East is doing already

  • Riaz Salim

    You should include – The first to lunch in Pakistan and 3rd in terms of daily orders. Important point is that we are growing organically without any marketing support – While big players will continue to spend and create ecommerce culture smaller players just need to hang around to take their share. Pakistan e-Commerce will continue to grow…

  • Zaigham Hidayatullah

    Thanks for the honorable mention Adam – Saw the matrix in mashable today! Much appreciate it

    • Adam

      You’re welcome :-) You guys are doing a great job, really helping push the industry forward. The competition between you and Foodpanda actually reminds me of how Shanghai’s food delivery service got started with Sherpa and the competition that then arose with local entrepreneurs and now finally Delivery Hero.

  • Abdul Muizz

    We have 3 startups and would like you to list them on your website at

    1. – Pakistan’s Emerging Jobsite
    2. Artange – Pakistan’s first creative community to showcase portfolios
    3. – Career community for women

    • Adam

      Hi Abdul,

      We have listed your websites :-)

  • Zahid

    It was really uplifting reading your post on Mashable. Thanks for a great write up.

    Is it possible for your to write about different startup funds (if any) working in Pakistan investing in startups? I ask that because I am personally interested in investing in startups in Pakistan but live 8000 miles away.

    • Adam

      Hi Zahid we have been traveling around Pakistan to get a better understanding of the startup market here and there is already this sense of excitement bubbling up. We will be writing a post on it soon and this should give you a better sense of the market.

  • Sara

    I like your research, saw it on Mashable. But i’ve a different opinion on the saturated markets.
    I don’t think that blogging comes under saturated markets. I don’t see much bloggers around here as compared with the international market.

    • Adam

      Hi Sara, we don’t mean the market for bloggers is saturated, but rather that the market for blogging platforms are. With the strength of WordPress, blogger and tumblr any new competitor that comes into this space will need to bring something very new to the table.